Are you still using regular restaurant menus in the 21st century?

Why Geoffrey?

Geoffrey is a multi-award-winning electronic ordering system, price list and newspaper all in one device.
It will impress your customers and make their dining experience even more convenient and pleasant while helping you organize your business.

The First Interactive Electronic Waiter

Leaves no wishes unfulfilled, lets customers order at any time – without having to wait a single minute.

Simple to Use

Geoffrey has already served over 10,000 customers, children and adults alike, with no problems or complications.

Free Daily Content

Newspapers, weather report, current events, tourist offer in the vicinity.

Why is Geoffrey the right choice for you?

Boosts Sales

Speeds up the average table turnaround and shortens the ordering time to a minimum. At the same time, your promotions and discounts are always on display, encouraging customers to indulge in some convenient impulse shopping.


A completely new approach to ordering. Geoffrey lets customers place their own orders, making mistakes, excuses and misunderstandings a thing of the past.


Spotlights your favorite items and promotions, intuitive and easy to setup and change on the fly.

Reduces Business Costs

Optimizes the work process in the industry and replaces outdated, printed price lists. Do you regularly adjust prices? With Geoffrey this task is simple and carries zero cost.

Keeps Precise Track of Information

User-friendly software measures and tracks sales according to days, hours or even individual tables. Provides insight into the complete statistics of your orders and sales.

Improves Personal Contact

Takes care of orders and gives waiters the breathing room to fully dedicate themselves to serving customers. The constant pressure of memorizing and delivering orders is no longer an issue.

What does the Geoffrey package offer?

Content management system and overview of statistics

Comprehensive system that can be fully managed online

Items and prices in your offer can be modified with a simple touch of the button. Completely replaces regular price lists.

Highly detailed, simple to use statistical tools for owners and managers

Detailed analysis of current business at the touch of a button. Keeps track of all orders, most frequently ordered items, daily, weekly or monthly turnover and revenue.

POS intergration

The devices and software are integrated into your POS system.

Perfect all-inclusive solution

After the system is installed, we provide technical assistance and updates free of charge. Geoffrey is always ahead of the time, and it only gets better!

Overview of business / trends

Analytical system that measures sales on V Tablet devices (cloud-based solution).

Automatic updates

Devices are managed from any location at any time, simply by using internet access.

Touch Screen Device

V Tablet touch screen


USB charging

Extremely robust

A single charge lasts up to 350hrs

Excellent screen visibility in direct sunlight

Weather resistant

UV resistant

100% Insurance
in case of theft or damage

Warranty & Insurance

Everything is covered

The package includes warranties for all the V Tablet 6˝ devices and full service support in the UK.
All the devices are insured against theft and damage at your location, for the entire duration of the subscription (24 months).