Manage Displays Anywhere in the World from a Simple Web Interface

Cloud Library

Upload your medias from your computer to the cloud library

Flexible Scheduler

Place medias into channels with daily and hourly display schedule

 Multiple Channels

Each player, can run multiple independent channels

 Map Views

See all your players on a map and view their online status

Accounts Admin

Manage your Customers’ displays network effortlessly

Live Monitoring

Live view of all your displays to monitor your network in real time

Remote Diagnostic

Remote access  to logs and history per device for troubleshooting

HTML5 templates

Dynamic templates with variables modifiables by the user

Suitable for all businesses

Small businesses. Major retail and hospitality chains. Schools, Universities and Administrations.

Ultra cost effective

Low equipment, installation and operating costs make Airgoo particularly suitable for Franchises.

Small Businesses

Retail Chains


Menu Boards

Meeting Rooms Signs

What you can do with Airgoo’s Content Management Solution


Places (Site Management)

Manage all the places where displays are installed (shops, hotel lobbies, schools, offices, etc.. )

  • Add new places
  • Locate places on a map view
  • Specify rights of access for each place
  • Define opening hours for each place outside of which the display will automatically switch off

Displays (Players Management)

Manage displays and specific which schedule content they will play.

  • Locate displays on a map or on a list view
  • Spot offline displays (red vs green)
  • Rename displays and change place at will
  • Select channels to play from a dropdown list
  • Real time live view of any connected display

Media Library (Content management)

Upload content to the library for later re-use into channels with specific schedule.

  • Upload images, videos for further use into scheduled channels
  • Create HTM5 Templates with customer specific variables
  • Create customer specific library folders for their own content
  • Move medias between folders

Customer defined content

We can create HTML5 templates where users can change variables such as background, prices, text, logos or images.

  • Place modifiable content anywhere on the screen
  • Import from a database in XML format
  • Create links to RSS feeds

Channels with flexible scheduling

Create channels with any content from the library, apply schedule information and schedule to displays of your choice

Each display can run multiple channels which will play in sequence

  • Daily schedule (start time / stop time)
  • Start date and expiry date
  • “Periodic” channels will play every X minutes.
  • Program multiple independent channels to any display

Management of users and accounts

Create users and accounts and assign various rights of access to meet any organisational requirements

  • Create new users and passwords
  • Restrict users to places and media folders
  • Create a complete hierarchy e.g Head of Marketing, franchisee, user, etc…
CatoncarXD11 POS Display

Real Time Monitoring

Once your digital signage network is running you are in control and we have all the tools to help you diagnose failures.

  • Map view of online and offline displays
  • Check how long a display was online and time of last interaction with the server
  • Remote live view of any connected display
  • Remote diagnostic of failures and access to “history” of any player


Airgoo IOPlayer Cloud based CMS

Airgoo products include the software necessary to interface to the Cloud based CMS for you to manage your content at a distance. Upload your Medias and plan your promotional campaigns from anywhere in the world by logging in to IOPlayer content management system.